Ocular alignment


         Proprioceptive contribution to oculomotor control in humans

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Spatial neglect

        Distorted gaze direction input to the attentional priority map in spatial neglect

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Eye proprioception/Spatial attention

Role of oculoproprioception in coding the locus of attention.

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Abnormal center-periphery gradient in spatial attention in simultanagnosia

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Visual sensitivity shifts with perceived eye position.

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Extraocular muscle afferent signals modulate visual attention.

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The cortical eye proprioceptive signal modulates neural activity in higher-order visual cortex as predicted by the variation in visual sensitivity.

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Decreased visual attention further from the perceived direction of gaze for equidistant retinal targets.

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Eye proprioception/Visual localization

Eye proprioception used for visual localization only if in conflict with the oculomotorplan.

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Eye muscle proprioception represented bilaterally in the sensorimotor cortex. 

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Eye position representation in human anterior parietal cortex

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Hand proprioception/Sense of agency

Proprioception contributes to the sense of agency during visual observation of hand movements: evidence from temporal judgments of action

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Similar brain networks for detecting visuo-motor and visuo-proprioceptive synchrony.

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Hand proprioception/Sensorimotor control

Spatially valid proprioceptive cues improve the detection of a visual stimulus.

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Proprioceptive deafferentation slows down the processing of visual hand feedback.

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Data mining/Machine learning

Cluster analysis of activity-time series in motor learning

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Mining the posterior cingulate: segregation between memory and pain components

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Mining for associations between text and brain activation in a functional neuroimaging database.

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TMS method

Inter-individual variability in optimal current direction for transcranial magnetic stimulation of the motor cortex

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